1-) Does Ha * klink kill?

Friends do what “backlink ise does“ ha * klink’te ”. In fact, it is incredibly difficult and expensive to achieve authoritarian site collaborations with backlink.

SEO experts tell people that * ha * klink is such that we rob the Federal Reserve Bank! Somehow they cover their own “complexes” that will “manupule”.

Of course, do they not understand, or research, that entrepreneurs can ’manipulate SEO together SEO experts in this way to avoid commercial and reputation loss?

HOCALAR, CHEFS, the mother of the sector when we cry .. SEO how to do? What is SEO? They didn’t get tired of bullshitting the same things by saying ESIYO (Position your intelligence levels)!

If the on page SEO is still not understood, you need to say nothing and close the topic.

Conclusion; Ha * klink Makes you laugh! Friends;

Make your face laugh.
Your pocket, laugh.
And it allows you to “grow” your dreams and initiatives quickly.

We are the source of links. We’re not clinkers. MY SEOC? we are not at all!

2-) How do you upgrade in 1 month?

Very simple ! we analyze your website first, and check the links of the industry’s first page with the keyword that has the largest volume to be targeted in the sector.

We look at the sector. We’re looking at you! We start link building. We calculate the required link for the 1st page and make the first move with the right link support…

3-) What is the status of SEO experts and the sector?

Friends see this first team is really amazing jerks. Isn’t there a person who will change the angle of this job? So it won’t.

SEO Experts; such a model. we can’t change! Are They Sport Shoes? What is Seo Agency? What is Seo? What is it all the time? They’re so parasitic. They focus on the link between the user and the keyword. What is this nonsense? These are always your work (!) Whatever ..

The stupidity of SEO experts has blinded their eyes, making people foolish, and trying to fool us.

Poor .. Delir .. We have the source (!)